Personal Introduction to Christian Meditation

Technical House Calls in and around Quechee, VT

Website Domain Name and Hosting

Global Small Business Directory


Christian Meditation

  • Donald provides a personal introduction to mantra based Meditation in the Christian tradition, as taught by John Main O.S.B., in homes, churches and offices in the Quechee, VT area.
  • He also provides access to purchase relevant books and CDs on his Christian Meditation website.

Small Business Big World

  • Donald provides a low cost advertising option in support of small business owners like himself, leveraging the tremendous reach of the Internet to create local opportunities for businesses all over the world.
  • Small Business Big World was launched in 2000.  It is a simple, clutter-free directory, conveniently organized by both town and business category. It has grown to include listings in over 40 countries, 150 towns, and over 115 categories.
Donald Main

Providing the following services:

Introduction to Christian Meditation
and Technical House Calls
for Individuals in and around Quechee, VT.

Website Hosting, Domain Name
and Internet Advertising Services
for Small Businesses World Wide.
Founded by Donald Main,
Main World
is parent to four unique enterprises:

Introduction to Christian Meditation (2006)

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Your Main Man

  • Donald makes local house calls for help with all things electronic.
  • He visits homes in the Quechee, VT area, where he helps simplify lives by tending to any number of challenging technical issues residents may be having with their Computers, Printers/Scanners, TVs, Hi-Fi Equipment, Telephones, etc.

Main World Hosting

  • This is where it all began.  Originally a service created to offer basic website design (then called Main Web Creations), Donald now focuses on a variety of hosting services and Domain Name registration.
  • Main World Hosting provides reliable website hosting services via servers housed at multiple possible locations within North America, Europe, Asia & Australia.